About Me

From CEO to gardener - Why I started to grow vegetables?

I will tell you a bit how I changed my life and why I decided a so radical new direction for my lifestyle. I was, or better I am, a CEO of a Web marketing agency for 20 years now, with 24 years I started my first business as a web developer, with the upcoming search engines I specialized in SEO (search engine optimization) after this in social media marketing. In the top of my business my network was followed by 15 million people worldwide, during this time, I invested 16 hours a day, then in 2012 my first daughter was born. My daughter often suffered from rashes and the doctor told us that this could be the beginning of a neurodermatitis that has become a common cause of environmental pollution.

I did not want to accept that, we started to bought only organic food spending 2000 Euro each month for better food. It got better, but my child was not cured. There is no guarantee that organic food is really clean because it has become a business so I decided to grow my own vegetables and fruits and spend less time for my business. We searched for the right place for 2 years, in 2016 I bought a house with 1500 m² of land outside the city, the property was pretty wild, the garden was abandoned for a couple of years, wild weed about 2 meters high. It took a lot of hard work to get started but at the end I was able to sow my first plants in April 2017.

Now over a year has passed, what has changed? 
First of all, my daughter had colds 5-6 times a year before I started growing my own vegetables. Rash every time she has eaten grapes, strawberries or cherries. I never thought that the positive qualities of a fully organic diet would show so quickly. This year we harvested 15kg of strawberries, she ate it daily and never got a rash and for one year now, no more cold.

What changed for me?
I need to spend 3 – 4 hours a day in my garden and realized that there are more important things than my business. Is there anything positive instead of many hours of hard gardening work? Yes my body and my soul understand each other much better now than before. Do you think it's healthy to sit in front of the computer for 16 hours a day? I was near a burnout, gardening is a terrific therapy to not burned out and to set the body and soul in motion.

To watch as a seed becomes a beautiful plant that will eventually spoil you with something edible is the most fascinating thing in the world. I will continue and report you about it in my personal gardening diary, hope that others will find the courage to take the same step as me.

My message
If you really want to change something in the World you need to change yourself and after you will be able to change others life with the experiences you have made.

#Grow_for_a_better_life !